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Lahore school system, philosphy & introduction
Lahore school system, philosphy & introduction, Lahore School System & College Islamabad Campus lahore school system, philosphy & introduction lahore school system, philosphy & introduction

The importance of Education has been recognized by international and national agencies and scholars. Investment in Education benefits the individual, society and the world at large and it is among the most effective apparatus known to reduce poverty and inequity. It is beneficial for personal well being and, at the same time, strengthens the nation’s economic health by laying the groundwork for persistent economic growth. It could be rightly called the key to creating, applying and spreading erudition and leads to the development of dynamic and internationally vigorous economies. Education is indispensable for the formation of egalitarian societies. In the under developed countries, the gains are even better. It reduces inequality as education is a great leveler. Education plays a catalytic role for the most vulnerable sections including girls, ethnic minorities, orphans, disabled people and rural families. In short, education can be the powerful wave that elevates all boats. The only way to make sure that the country is free from hunger, poverty and diseases would be to ensure universal quality education for all citizens. If that is not going to happen, then we cannot stop internal threats that are weakening the fabric of our society.

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