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About Us, Lahore School System & College Islamabad Campus about us about us

Lahore School System, is committed to acting on our vision, mission and values statements.  These statements that emphasize student success and well-being reflect the future-focused and innovative organization that we are today.


Our vision is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment where children will recognize and achieve their fullest potential, so that they can make their best contribution to society. LSS is a place where exploration, creativity, and imagination make learning exciting and where all learners aspire to reach their dreams.


We Value:

  • Collaboration and engagement with students, parents and our communities. Our successes are not possible without these contributions.
  • Trust and mutual respect among all of our education stakeholders.
  • Inclusion and diversity within our schools.
  • Citizenship and recognize our central role in guiding students to understand their responsibilities and their place in the world.
  • Leadership in all places – everyone in LSS has the potential to be a leader.
  • Excellence, innovation and risk-taking.

We Believe:

  • Learning is the foundation of all we do.
  • Integrity and fairness are key pillars for student growth.
  • That confident, adaptable and resilient students are successful students. 

We are:

  • A caring and compassionate school system – guided by what’s in the best interest of our students.
  • Committed to providing safe and caring places for all students to learn.

We Embrace:

  • Open and honest communication.


is manifest anywhere, anytime when anybody brilliantly imagines, truly believes, profoundly desires, and sincerely sacrifices to provide quality leadership and bring about the best in students.


is represented by the moments when human being succumb to the forces bent upon diminishing, deviating and annihilating the boundless potential of human assets originally created in the finest possible Shape by the CREATOR.


comes from our unique ability to innovate and response to the rapidly changing environment to sharpen our competitive edge by dedicating to and sacrificing for the singular focus of enriching the real potential of learning for Leadership.


stems from the differences between what we can do and what we should do; it all results more from constraints in external domains and niches than any flaw in our capability or strategy.


Lahore School System & College recognizes that each child is an individual; that all children are creative; that all children need to succeed. Therefore, LSS respects the individual needs of children; fosters acaring and creative environment; and emphasizes the social, emotional, physical, intellectual development of each child.We provide the highest quality education so that all of our students are empowered to lead productive and fulfilling lives as lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

  • To secure and building bright future for students by providing high quality education and training for their career success and academic excellence.
  • To use latest means of communication / teaching techniques and research work.
  • To develop course according to future trends and for fulfilling of demand.
  • To achieve the excellence in different areas of interest.
  • To develop advance educational and training program.
  •  To provide high quality teaching faculty for the reward achievement of excellence in different area of interest.
  • To forge a leadership agenda for organizing master of yourself and command of things around you.
  • To learn the skills required to perform leadership roles.
  •  To provide opportunity for deserving students in shape of scholarships, prizes, Fee concession and Financial Aid to fulfill their educational deficiency.
  • To make education a force, activating the dynamic mechanism of self development and self reliance.
  • To provide an atmosphere of pure learning, where students can have both theoretical knowledge and practical training which enable them to enter the realm of highest studies with a confidence of sound background.
  • To master the complex, Integrated process of decision making.
  • To eliminate surprises and embrace new opportunities with confidence.
  •  To maintain academic discipline for providing quality education.
  • To understand the link between strategy, structure and performance.
  • To expand his/her skills as commander.
  • To check out a personal strategy for success in this world and hereafter.
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